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What sets Alpha Mortgage Apart from the Rest?

In our highly digital world, consumers can purchase anything from groceries, eye glasses, cars, and mortgages in mere minutes. The convenience of this web-based world has made it easier for businesses to deliver goods and services to their customers much more quickly; but there is one thing the online experience can’t often provide: local, personalized care. Alpha Mortgage Corporation is a full service mortgage banker with in-house processing, underwriting, closing and funding. Sure, you can request a quote or apply for a loan on their website, but they have offices nearby so you can get that individualized face-to-face assistance when you want it.

Alpha Mortgage is deeply rooted in the communities they serve in North Carolina. From the coast in Wilmington, to the busting Raleigh-Durham Triangle, to the mountains of Asheville, they have been helping home buyers and homeowners in North Carolina for nearly 40 years.

As one of the largest private-owned mortgage lenders, they have an unmatched talented staff of representatives and loan originators in the area, including four Certified Reverse Mortgage Professionals (CRMPs). Because reverse mortgages can be complex, potential borrowers greatly benefit from the one-on-one conversations with a qualified professional who knows the ins and outs of a reverse mortgage. They can show you the variety of options available and help find a reverse mortgage that fits your specific financial and lifestyle situation. Deciding to get a reverse mortgage is such a personal experience. The professionals at Alpha Reverse Mortgage make the process comfortable and easy to understand.

Alpha Mortgage isn’t competing with large corporations who have 24-hour access at the touch of a button. They don’t have to. Their focus is on the communities they live in, work in, and support – and those clients who value personalized attention that’s just right around the corner.

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Please keep in mind that the reverse mortgage industry in constantly changing and some of the information contained on this site may not be current. Please ask a licensed reverse mortgage professional for up-to-date guidelines.