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Senior Resources in Jacksonville

Located adjacent to North Carolina’s Southern Outer Banks area, and just north of the coastal city of Wilmington, Jacksonville is the county seat of Onslow County, is the proud home to Camp Lejeune and the New River Air Station. In 2014, Forbes magazine ranked Jacksonville as the fifth fastest-growing small city in the United States. Military retirees who still want to be immersed in the military atmosphere and have access to military benefits will enjoy living in Jacksonville. It’s close proximity to the beaches, access to accredited health care, and attractions and amenities like the Lejeune Memorial Gardens, The Freedom Fountain, and over seventeen miles of tails and greenways, make Jacksonville a retirement destination.

Onslow County Senior Services

A certified Senior Center of Excellence, Onslow County Senior Services goes above and beyond a typical senior resource provider. They provide exceptional service in the community through programs and activities like nutrition sites, classes, social activities, home and social work services for home bound residents, and hospice care. To see a full list of the services and programs at the Onslow County Senior Service Center, visit their site here.

Friends of the Aging

A non-profit foundation incorporated in 1971, Friends of the Aging helps coordinate donations such as non-perishable food items and durable medical equipment to help assist the elderly citizens in the county. Cash donations are also accepted and used to purchase nutritional supplements, adult diapers, and other emergency expenses. Friends of the Aging offers annual memberships to individuals and organizations. For more information, visit their site here.

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lzheimer’s and Diabetic Support Groups

Alzheimer’s doesn’t just effect the patient, but family and caregivers as well. The Onslow County Senior Services offers a support group for caregivers of Alzheimer sufferers to listen to and speak with others who are going through the same thing. The center offers an adult day care sitter service free of charge so your loved one can be taken care of while you are in the meeting.

In addition to an Alzheimer’s support group, the center also offers a diabetic support group that is created to help diabetics make better lifestyle choices, including help with diet and exercise.

Are You OK? Program

The City of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Police Department have implemented a new phone calling service that checks in daily on older adults, disabled persons, and shut-ins who live alone. Are You Ok? is a free-of-charge computerized phone calling system that calls each enrolled subscriber every day, at the same time to check in on them. If the subscriber does not answer the phone, or if there is a reoccurring busy signal, the police department is notified, and they send out a patrol car to the residence.

Volunteer Opportunities in Jacksonville

Retirees in Jacksonville, North Carolina have numerous opportunities to stay active in their community, and provide valuable services to others. If you are interested in serving on a county Board or Commission, the Onslow County Board of Commissioners appoints citizens to boards, commissions, and committee to perform specific functions in the county government. Museums need special event volunteers and libraries are a great place to volunteer as well.

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