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Industry Experience – NMLSR #22828

Greg Gianoplus, CRMP, has been in the mortgage industry since 1995. He founded AAXA Mortgage in 2001 and sold his company to an Illinois bank in 2009. AAXA employed about 125 professionals and funded approximately 60 to 120 million each month in a 27 state lending footprint. In 2007, Mr. Gianoplus strategically entered the reverse business. Shortly after selling his company, his wife died, so he took a year off from work to raise and transition their four young children through a difficult personal time. In 2010, Mr. Gianoplus started a reverse lending division for a community bank lender, Gateway Bank Mortgage. After Gateway was acquired by a large commercial bank that chose to exit the residential mortgage business, Mr. Gianoplus transitioned his team in 2016 to the area’s dominant regional purchase money lender, Alpha Mortgage. Today, Mr. Gianoplus leads a reverse division for Alpha where the group is focused on building a long-term sustainable reverse business with an emphasis on HECM for Purchase. Since Alpha is a community based relationship lender with mortgage banking in its DNA, Mr. Gianoplus intends to complete his mortgage career with Alpha and he’s contemplating what might be next once the Alpha reverse business plan is executed. Today, Mr. Gianoplus is married to his kind-hearted wife Caroline, and when not meeting with clients or tending to one of their seven children, you might catch them grinding away on their Fat Bikes in the soft sand and sunshine of glorious Wrightsville Beach, NC.

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