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Alpha Mortgage : Reverse Division

The Reverse Mortgage Division of Alpha Mortgage works with homeowners and home buyers age 62 and older in the States of North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Virginia. Our HECM reverse mortgage program is backed by HUD (The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) and insured by the FHA.

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Benefits of Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgages have been rapidly growing in popularity in recent years and today; hundreds of thousands of homeowners are using reverse mortgages to improve their quality of life for their retirement years.

Reverse Mortgage Qualifications

One of Alpha Mortgage’s Reverse Mortgage Professionals can help you determine whether or not you may qualify for HECM reverse mortgage financing and which products best suit your financial goals. Contact us a free consultation.

FHA HECM Reverse Mortgages

HECM loans are backed by HUD and insured by the FHA. Borrowers must be 62 or older, and either own their homes outright or have a low enough balance that their mortgages can be paid off with a reverse mortgage.

Helping You Make a Well Informed Decision

Visit our education center to learn more about qualifying for reverse mortgages, how payments work, the pros and cons of reverse financing, and how these programs can affect your family and give you the financial freedom you’re searching for.

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Using H4P to Buy or Build Your
Dream Retirement Home

Buy or build the home you really want with an FHA-insured H4P Reverse Mortgage from Alpha Mortgage. Down payments are about 1/2 of the purchase price and won’t pay monthly mortgage payments for as long as you live in the home.

Homeowners remain responsible for paying property taxes, homeowners insurance, and property maintenance. A HECM is a home secured debt payable upon default or a maturity event.


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The Reverse Mortgage Advisors at Alpha are some of the most knowledgeable and highly trained professionals in the marketplace. Contact us today to see if a HECM mortgage may be right for you.


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Mortgage Offers

In addition to Reverse Mortgages, Alpha Mortgage has a team of nearly 100 professionals dedicated to helping borrowers purchase and refinance their homes. Click here for more information.